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Page title: Global Arts Treasury for Education
Static symbol of the MODDHA Diamond G.A.T.E.


The Diamond G.A.T.E. ("Global Arts Treasury for Education") is a Global E-education Network based in the cultural Arts & Sciences. MODDHA is creating New Media & Proprietary Technologies for the Infrastructure and Implementation of the Global E-Education Network to deliver a new 3D audio visual curriculum employing Educational Media Content and Interactive Educational Gaming. Many of the video games use MOD™ controllers which require the children to sing and dance to interface with one another and the educational games.

The Global School Online is an effort of the non-profit foundation to educate people of all cultures and socio-economic conditions, through the delivery of a dynamic audio-visual curriculum based in the arts and sciences.

This Humanitarian Project will introduce innovative technologies enhancing learning, retention and communications for all students, regardless of linguistic background.  The MODDHA GATE has been designed as a complete top-down  E-Education Platform, starting from the curriculum content, to the infrastructure implementation using wireless broadcast, to the actual computer pads and high-tech MOD™ controllers, which the students will be given to interface with the network. Children will have the ability to see and hear one another through the MODDHA G.A.T.E. to share their songs and dances in real time.

Image of the MOD Controller A team of international educators are developing the 3D new media curriculum that will be expressed with the latest in media technology, using proprietary patents to integrate an interactive learning environment which instills social responsibility, moral values, respect, and etiquette towards others, as well as towards our precious planet earth. The technological infrastructure planned will be designed to support the first Global School On-Line, to educate children through the use of audio-visuals in the sciences and cultural arts in a secure and pure content network.  MODDHA is meeting with the governing bodies of every country for approvals regarding the content to assure it meets the standards of every level of censorship and scrutiny.

MODDHA is developing many educational videogames geared to educating the youth as to the importance of being good stewards of our planet. The MODDHA Diamond GATE will be host to a game called GEO-Quest, a non-violent multi-player game which requires cooperation amongst the children playing the game, to clean up our planet, while becoming educated about alternative green technologies and the importance of reforestation.

MODDHA is also archiving an audio-visual data base of all of our planet’s cultures in cooperation with the Universities. MODDHA is inviting Universities from all over the world to offer college credits to their students who are studying any subject ranging from; Art History, Architecture, Communications, TV Production, Medicine, Music or the Physical Sciences, to participate in the creation and archiving of the MODDHA Diamond GATE data base. University students will get college credit for traveling to foreign lands and documenting or researching the relevant subject such as; architecture, dance, songs, music, philosophy, traditions, textiles, engineering, and/or medicine of that region and learning to digitally archive that audio-visual information.

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