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Page title: MODDHA Medical
MODDHA is also developing (in cooperation with the Universities) an archive of an integrative on-line audio-visual medical encyclopedia for Holistic Health and Wellness, merging Western and Eastern Medicine, Herbology, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic and Vibrational medicine into a resource data-base available to Universities, Hospitals and MODDHA GATE users. This audio visual encyclopedia will bring powerful holistic knowledge to MODDHA GATE users, empowering the individual to explore different alternative modalities for healing. Additionally it will provide doctors access to alternative modalities which they may not have been exposed to in their curriculum.


The Medical Online database provides for a (3D) Audio-Visual Medical Library & Alternative Healing Resource affording choices and new solutions to health care professionals and the general public through the dissemination of educational material within a search driven non-linear architecture in the following fields:
  • Holistic Healing and Alternative Medical Modalities
  • Western Medicinal Treatments
  • Herbal Remedies/Supplements
  • Reflexology
  • Massage & Bio-Energetics
  • Acupuncture
  • Emotional Components as applied to Health
  • Sound/Vibration /Color & Energy Healing
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Nutrition/Diet/Living Foods
  • Organ Cleansing
  • Pre-Natal Preparation / Natural Childbirth / Water Birth
  • Electro-magnetic Components of Health
  • Meditation
  • Chemical-Free Living/ Effects of Chemicals on Health
MODDHA is partnering with universities in several countries to provide students an accredited diverse course of study in alternative healing modalities, in order that they may obtain credits toward their medical degree.

MODDHA candidates may participate in the creation of MODDHA’s research data base and also work as interns within the MODDHA Communities, providing alternative health solutions to the people, under the guidance and tutelage of experts in alternative healing.

MODDHA is producing pod casts, web casts, and TV broadcasts in the form of interviews, talk shows, educational videos and animations to provide education in all the various modalities being researched and added to the audio-visual library.

As MODDHA creates each new sustainable community, the students doing internships will receive one-on-one training on-site and will be invited to participate in the creation of an educational video, created in the native language of that region, which will provide essential health knowledge to the community for on-going teaching and care.

MODDHA interns will also have the opportunity to partner with a camera man to document on film, the local sacred healing knowledge of the plants in that region, through working one-on-one with the elders or healers in that region. The purpose of this effort is to preserve the indigenous cultural knowledge with regards to the natural remedies used for millennia for maintaining health and wellness, before that knowledge is lost.

MODDHA is preparing to launch an encrypted secure network for Hospitals/Doctors/Nurses/Pharmacies & MODDHA GATE users, in high resolution imagery to interface with handheld devices. This network will allow doctors to create secure digital audio-visual file history for patients, and also will provide worldwide ability for remote diagnosis from field experts. The encrypted secure network will contain all medical history including all prescriptions given to a patient. When a doctor prescribes a new drug, it will be inputted into the patient’s file and checked for potentially harmful “cocktail effects” with other drugs which may have been prescribed by another doctor. Pharmacies will have the ability to type in a patient’s digital ID and directly access the prescription history before dispensing medicine.  The network configuration will enable medical professionals to update and modify information in a patient’s file, while also allowing patients to log in through their personal ID and password to have access to READ ONLY files to track their own medical history.

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