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Image of President and Chairman of the Board Veronika SandorMS. VERONIKA SANDOR :: President and Chairman of the Board
Veronika Sandor is a philanthropist and the original Founder and Chairman of MODDHA International Foundation and MODDHA Interactive. She sits on the boards of several international companies and foundations. She has cultivated key partnerships with many global market leaders and non-profits to help humanity. Ms. Sandor has served MODDHA Interactive Inc., as C.E.O for 13 years. She is an international financier, specializing in mergers, acquisitions and roll-ups, and has managed diverse corporate assets for the private sector. While being well versed in technology licensing, as well as media and technology product development, Sandor has personally created many new applications of the QT, (a proprietary technology invented by Michael Porrazzo) leading innovation for new QT products for the global markets and philanthropic sector. Sandor is respected as a visionary leader and proficient manager, with the rare ability to understand both the technical and financial aspects of intellectual properties. Ms. Sandor co-designed the MODDHA Villages and created the Diamond G.A.T.E. (Global Arts Treasury for Education). Ms. Sandor has formed several strategic partnerships including the World Sports Alliance, an International Government Organization, enabling collaboration to advance the MODDHA Villages into 28 Nation States. Veronika has unique experience with high-tech performance technologies and new media, both as a producer and artist. Veronika has performed globally utilizing the most innovative performance technologies, including shows for VIACOM and tours of India, and the USA. Veronika continues to be dedicated to providing the children of the earth with clean water, food, shelter, energy, communications, education and respect for our planet, and all life. Ms. Sandor holds a BA in Psychology from UCLA.

Image of Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Michael PorrazzoMR. MICHAEL PORRAZZO :: VICE PRESIDENT
Mr. Porrazzo is a recognized leader in the computer electronics and information systems industries, and is acclaimed for his designs, inventions and products in these industrial sectors. Mr. Porrazzo is the founder of the science of Agrisonics® to eradicate world hunger and starvation, advanced health care systems such as PFT®, to wireless antenna technologies. Mr. Porrazzo is the co-inventor of a patent portfolio for thin-film, Advanced Membrane Transducers (AMTs) that can simultaneously function as multi-band antennas, loudspeakers, microphones and sensors. Mr. Porrazzo previously served as Chairman and Dean of the Advanced Data Institute and co-founded the advanced research and development company, Chain Reactions, Inc. Consumer products using Porrazzo Patents have generated more than 10 Billion Euros in Sales in the past several years alone. Porrazzo is the winner of the University of California most Innovative Technology award and is the 2008 recipient of the Most Innovative Electronics’ Technology at IBEX. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Porrazzo has been Chief Technical Officer (C.T.O.) and director of many private and publicly-held companies. Mr. Porrazzo served as Executive Producer for One Earth Television where he directed activities in conjunction with “Discover Navajo” for the 2002 U.S. Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

T Castillo DirectorMR. TONY CASTILLO :: DIRECTOR Tony was born at the tipping point between generation X and Y, under the illustrious sun of the Philippines. Like a modern audiophile system that brings the best of both analogue and digital experience. He has harnessed his millennial gifts by bringing innovation to traditional businesses with relevant technologies that will bridge them across generations. A firm believer that we are all created for a higher purpose and that is to transform all our capacities for the benefit of mankind.  Co-authored the Philippine National Biodiesel program at the age of 24, created the first and largest deployment of wireless security service in the Philippines at 27, Headed a consortium with a number of players including AT&T, Oberthur and American Express at 29, Currently serving as Treasurer of PETEF (Philippine Electronics and Telecommunications Federation) and now on a quest to bring education and medicine through free connectivity for the world. Tony is a disruptive innovator with a strong background on finance, logistics and faith. Mr. Castillo is a graduate BS Management of the De La Salle Brother’s School System.

Eric Sandor Director MR. ERIC SANDOR  :: DIRECTOR
Eric is an inspirational leader with a track record of pioneering new ventures and delivering transformational change within the Health and Life Sciences sectors.  Equally effective driving business growth, capability development and operational cost reduction, he brings broad and deep experience gained over 20 years in Accenture, where he was a Partner for 8 years.  He has extensive experience across strategy, operations, technology, organisational restructuring and outsourcing and is passionate about building high performing teams and releasing the potential of people and businesses.  Eric has a First Class Joint Honours degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol.

Mr. James  Beckham has had over 30 years of management and supervisory experience. He has been responsible for moving thousands of people and millions of dollars’ worth of equipment worldwide.   He understands the importance of communications and coordination during the delivery process and is uniquely qualified to manage this task.  He worked extensively in the government contracting sector and brings a wealth of operational experience.   He collaborates with different sources as they execute their business plan developing key strategic relationships. His business development and commitment for the cause have been critical in the success of his career field.   Jim is a retired veteran of the US Army with over 22 years of service.  He has served overseas in Germany, Korea, and deployed during the First Gulf War into Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He previously co-owned a mortgage lending company and a business electronic company and currently active in real estate and investment.  Jim is an active supporter and donor of the Wounded Warrior program for veterans and a life time member of the Disabled American Veterans.  He serves on the Board of Directors in his community and is actively involved in the Government Affairs Committee of Pikes Peak Association of Realtors.  Jim is the benefactor of Scholarship Programs where less fortunate students were sent to college in the Philippines and an active contributor of this program.  As a thinker and developer, he is coordinating with several companies on ways to better the life in the Philippines and World Wide in the field of communication, education and healthcare.

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