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Page title: Technology


AgriSonics® device covers a 3 to 8 foot radius.The AgriSonics® process uses digital chips to electronically deliver specific harmonics of sound and vibration, the combined effect dramatically stimulates plant growth and crop yield. The fruits and vegetables produced result in having a much higher vitamin content, quality and larger size in significantly lesser time to harvest. The affects of the emitted frequencies are so effective that in most instances there is not a need to apply pesticides to the crops, allowing for completely organic production.

AgriSonic® has been developed as a small device sized 1 inch squared, which mounts on a garden stake (see picture) and runs on a lithium watch sized battery or are solar powered and cover an area with a diameter from 3 to 8 feet.

AgriSonic® units are scaleable in size when using the patented AMT membrane technology and look like small screen panels, each designed to cover an acre or more for larger farming areas.



MODDHA is promoting fertility awareness through a proprietary technology called the PFT which it is producing and distributing in effort to curtail the number of unwanted pregnancies, and thus abortions. Additionally, the technology also can assist woman having issues with conception, to conceive a child, through the knowledge of their own fertility cycle, without the use of fertility drugs.

Personal Fertility Tester (PFT) development model Personal Fertility Tester (PFT)
This patented technology enables the most accurate reading of a woman’s entire fertility cycle. The device is simple, requiring only that a woman licks a colored slide and then views the resulting crystalline pattern. The pattern determines exactly where the woman is in her fertility Cycle; whether she can or cannot become pregnant. Unlike other fertility devices it is completely re-useable. The device is made of plastic and contains inset colored slides which are licked and a simple microscope type viewer which can be focused by gently squeezing. This device is an instrumental tool for a woman to both achieve successful fertilization as well as to protect her from unwanted fertilization. It is expected to greatly reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions as well as to reduce the amount of fertility drugs being ingested by women wishing to become mothers.


Our foundation has been granted the use of the intellectual property for several technologies which we believe can benefit society by improving the quality of life for many people. These technologies are revolutionary for the industries of telecommunication and education as follows:

Advanced Membrane Transducer (AMT)

Image of the Porrazzo Advanced Membrane Transducer (AMT)The Porrazzo Advanced Membrane Transducer has applications for the online delivery system of the integrated E-Education platform, the "Diamond G.A.T.E.".

The AMT is as thin as a piece of paper (See right picture) and is able to send and receive information simultaneously. Its surface is a microphone, high fidelity speaker, motion sensor and antenna. Its antenna can receive and send information through concrete walls without degradation and additionally the AMT can replace the need for separate speaker, microphone and antenna components in a cellular phone/computer, greatly reducing the cost, size and performance of the E-education network and E-tablet.

MOD™ Controller

Early model of the M.O.D. Controller
The M.O.D.™ Controller (MODDHA Omnisensonic Device) is used as a videogame/computer interface controller that allows a user to control their character’s movements, or play a game using the movement of their hands and body in front of the new “MOD” Controller product. It is also able to act as a microphone and speaker simultaneously. The speaker application of the AMT has been developed in over 200 commercial speaker and home theater products. These MOD Controllers will be provided in the main communication hub Domes.

Image of landscape with the words "Under the Sun We are All One"
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