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Page Title: MODDHA Villages

MODDHA Villages are being created to provide sustenance and clean water for the widows and orphans domestically and internationally while also delivering education to the local children.

MODDHA is employing new proprietary technologies to develop eco-communities. These technologies include Domes for the World,, sustainable solar-powered domes with water purifiers, and running water. Sustainable buildings, according to the U.S. Green Building Council, save energy, water and materials; preserve the local surroundings; assure the health of their occupants; and require little maintenance.

Image of a dome village. Each MODDHA village will incorporate a large dome serving as a center for arts and music as well as a central communication hub for the children to learn through the Diamond G.A.T.E. E-Education platform based in the cultural arts and sciences.

MODDHA will provide organic food grown with AgriSonics® onsite at each community. AgriSonics® stimulates plants to grow much quicker with higher vitamin content, without the use of pesticides. Due to heavy pesticides and deforestation, our birds and insects have been forced away from much of our planet’s crops. The sounds and vibrations AgriSonics® emit to the plants, replace the missing sounds of the birds and bees, thus substituting the role the birds and insects were created to fulfill. AgriSonics® provides support to our food crops stimulating quality growth and sustainability in shorter time. As the trees become reforested and the crops return to their organic state, we will bring the return of the birds, the insects and the rain to those regions, catalyzing our planet’s return to a state of balance. MODDHA is also developing new solar technology for "woodless" cookers to prevent further deforestation and adverse climatic impacts.

Rather than separating the youth and elders into orphanages and extended living Communities unite them. Thereby the elders have new purpose in their lives, to provide guidance and wisdom to the young, while the young bring their joy and laughter to the elders. This in turn greatly reduces the number of volunteers and hired staff, while uniting families for the widows and orphans. MODDHA communities also welcome single mothers and provide to them a safe living environment in an extended family, with organic food, health care, clean water, education and childcare.

Image of children in a playground of a dome village. In many countries of our world, poverty and suffering are a fact of life for much of the population. The current number of orphans still exponentially climbs. MODDHA is forming global partnerships with other existing orphanages. Over two and a half billion people suffer from the world’s two major humanitarian crises: a lack of safe drinking water and a lack of cooking fuel. By providing integrated sustainable infrastructures which include providing clean water (both for the community and surrounding regions) and woodless cookers, we can restore healthy living and our precious planet.

Additionally, MODDHA plans to purchase properties and buildings to be provided free of charge to widows, single mothers and orphans as mixed generation communities united under God, with the support and integration of local churches and non-profit foundations. We will strive to provide the aid needed to enhance the appropriate programs required to improve the quality of life for those children in need, to enable them to grow up aas educated, socially responsible, thriving global citizens.

The MODDHA International Foundation also serves as an international non-profit fund distribution center supporting and funding other partnering foundations, schools and churches globally, affeccting similar projects which fall unter the MODDHA mission statement.

Image of landscape with the words "Under the Sun We are All One"
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