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MODDHA brings restoration, knowledge and celebration; providing sustainable villages equipped with clean water, organic food, communications, education and holistic wellness through innovative technology and world partnerships, caring for all basic human needs. MODDHA is connecting cultures to ignite harmony amongst the children of our planet by sharing; art, music, dance, and knowledge, stimulating creativity, planet stewardship, and compassion, instilling values embracing all people as one family.
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It is estimated that there are now over 200 million orphans throughout the world. MODDHA International Foundation is a global humanitarian effort delivering God-centered sustainable communities to meet the needs of the parentless children and widows of our planet (regardless of their religion, race, or ethnicity). These mixed-generation sustainable communities are called “MODDHA Villages.”

Over two and a half billion people suffer from the world’s two major humanitarian crises: a lack of safe drinking water and a lack of cooking fuel. MODDHA is providing clean water, shelter, woodless cookers, food growing technology, re-forestation tools, medical aid, fertility awareness, medical knowledge, green technology, alternative power, digital education and wireless communications.

The MODDHA E-Education curriculum is being developed in cooperation with the Universities and museums. It includes a global digital audio-visual archive of the cultural arts and sciences and is called the MODDHA Diamond G.A.T.E. “Global Arts Treasury for Education”. MODDHA connects the children of the world through the Diamond GATE to share their culture and enables them to see one another live and perform their dances and sing their songs to one another. MODDHA instills values, social responsibility, planet stewardship and respect for elders.

MODDHA is also developing the MODDHA Medical Portal for Holistic Health and Wellness (in cooperation with colleges and universities) which is an archive of an integrative on-line audio-visual medical library merging Western and Eastern Medicine, into a resource data-base available to Universities, Hospitals and MODDHA G.A.T.E. users.

MODDHA’s management team consists of a board of directors, an extensive and diverse advisory board, as well as a skilled team of executive officers and project managers.


The MODDHA International Foundation is a 501(C)3 California based Non-profit formed in 1986 formerly known as the Rowe Institute of Integrative Studies. MODDHA is a non-religious humanitarian foundation practicing non-discrimination and inclusivity for all people.

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